NOMURA CATCH FOR SURE NOMURA 2024 CATALOGUE 63 NOMURA CATALOGO 2024 SALTWATER SQUID LURES 783 GHOST BLUE 784 GHOST PINK 780 TIGER DARK GREEN 786 GRAFFITI WHITE 785 SPOTTED BRONZE 781 DEEP BLUE 782 GREEN WEED CODE SIZE LENGTH (cm) €UR NM699***30 3.0 9 NM699***35 3.5 10,5 SPECIAL EDITION RATTLING / GLOWING CLASS: BASIC SINKING RATE 3-3,5 M/S EGING SEA SQUID JIG The Nomura Eging Sea family expands with the arrival of 8 brand new liveries developed in Japan. Another feature of these new arrivals are the luminous or “rattling” bodies thanks to special treatments and steel balls expertly positioned inside the lure. Simply irresistible! 787 RED HEAD La famiglia Nomura Eging Sea si amplia con l’arrivo di 8 nuovissime livree elaborate in Giappone. Ulteriore caratteristica di questi nuovi arrivi sono i corpi o luminosi o “rattling” grazie a speciali trattamenti e a sfere d’acciaio sapientemente posizionate all’interno dell’esca. Semplicemente irresistibili!