86 NOMURA CATCH FOR SURE NOMURA 2022 CATALOGUE “RIU” 654 FLUO ORANGE 702 MATT YELLOW 700 MATT ORANGE 701 WHITE RED STRIPES 703 YELLOW ORANGE RED STRIPES 704 LIGHT & DARK GREEN 706 TIGER PINK 705 DARK SHINY GREEN This spoon with an enlarged and aerodynamic shape, in its heavier version will facilitate long distance casting. Its fantastic movement when sinking, holding and retrieving make this spoon very versatile. When the trout are distant and apathetic, it will be the bait that will make the difference in a large lake with a lot of water. Riu is rigorously equipped with sturdy chemically sharpened hooks that do not damage the trout so they can be immediately released into the water. We recommend all Area-addicted to use Nomura nets with silicone meshes designed to be gentle on fish. CODE LENGTH WEIGHT €UR NM464***14 2.50 cm 1.40 g NM464***23 3.00 cm 2.30 g NM464***29 3.40 cm 2.90 g NM464***37 4.00 cm 3.70 g 707 TIGER GREEN ORANGE 709 DARK GREEN YELLOW STRIPE 708 ELECTRIC BLUE RED GLITTERS Nomura created Sue to have a trout spoon with the shape of the body perfectly combined with weight distribution: it means that this lure will be more precise and stable during the cast. Available in two light sizes (1.6 and 2.3 g) it allows excellent cast even with adverse weather conditions, such as contrary wind, rain or snow. The colors and the maniacal care of details set by the engineers are the results of long sessions in extremely different fishing conditions. You can reach the top performance with slow retrieve when in middle waters, but you could also have nice catches with Stop & Go alternated to medium/ fast retrieves that activate the frenzy of the trouts in the area. CODE LENGTH WEIGHT €UR NM462***16 2.50 cm 1.60 g NM462***23 2.90 cm 2.30 g 654 FLUO ORANGE 702 MATT YELLOW 700 MATT ORANGE 701 WHITE RED STRIPES 703 YELLOW ORANGE RED STRIPES 704 LIGHT & DARK GREEN 706 TIGER PINK 705 DARK SHINY GREEN 655 PEARL PINK 655 PEARL PINK 708 ELECTRIC BLUE RED GLITTERS 709 DARK GREEN YELLOW STRIPE 707 TIGER GREEN ORANGE Questo spoon con forma ngrand ta e aerod nam ca ne a sua vers one p ù pesante fac terà anc a unga d stanza. suo fantast co mov mento durante ’affondamento a trattenuta e recupero rendono questo spoon mo to versat e. Quando e trote sono ontane e apat che sarà ’esca che farà a d fferenza n un grande ago con mo ta acqua. R u è r gorosamente dotato d robust am affi at ch m camente che non dannegg ano e trote n modo che possano essere mmed atamente r asc ate n acqua. Raccomand amo a tutt Trout Area-d pendent d ut zzare guad n Nomura con mag e d s cone progettate per essere de cate su pesc . Nomura ha creato Sue per avere un trout spoon con a forma de corpo perfettamente abb nata a a d str buz one de peso: c ò s gn fica che questa esca sarà p ù prec sa e stab e durante anc o. D spon b e n due grammature (1 6 e 2 3 g) permette d ottenere ott m anc anche con cond z on meteoro og che avverse come vento contrar o p ogg a o neve. co or e a cura man aca e de dettag mpostat dag ngegner sono r su tat d unghe sess on n cond z on d pesca estremamente d verse. Puo ottenere e m g or prestaz on con recupero ento n acque med e ma potrest anche avere be e catture con Stop & Go a ternat a recuper med / ve oc che att vano a frenes a de e trote ne a zona. SPOON ISEI TROUT AREA “SUE”